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Menus & Pages Part 2 & More from Wix Official YouTube

Online Wix Tutorials

  1. 10 Essential Tutorials That Every Wix Newbie Should Know
  2. Getting Started with Wix:  How to Set-Up Your First Blog or Website
  3. How to Build a Website with Wix (Small Business Trends)
  4. Installing an Events Calendar on Your Wix Web (InLight Labs)
  5. Wix Help Center:  Comprehensive & Searchable
    1. How to Begin
    2. Choosing Your Template
    3. Editor Basics
  6. Wix Tutorials (Website Builder Expert)
  7. Wix YouTube Channel

More Wix Resources (Downloadable, printable ,pdf)

  1. Create a Website Using Wix.com (1 pg)
  2. How to Build a Website with Wix (29 pg)
  3. Practical Guide to Using Wix to Build a Website (64 pg)
  4. Wix "How to" Guides
    1. Create a Basic Website (5 pg)
    2. Connect Your Existing Domain (2 pg)
    3. Enable Online Payments (2 pg)
  5. Wix Quickstart Guide (5 pg)
  6. Wix:  Tips & Tricks (2 pg)

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