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Writing Prompts:  Website Conversion (.pdf form)

Writing Prompts:  Analytics (.pdf form)

  1. Web Stats with Google Analytics
    1. Google Analytics (requires Google/Gmail account)
    2. Google Analytics Website Metrics (19 pg .pdf)
    3. Google Analytics Set-Up (video tutorial)
    4. Set Up Goals in Google Analytics (video tutorial)
    5. Set Up Google Analytics Website Tools (video tutorial)
  2. 7-Point Checklist for Improving Your Conversion Rate (.pdf)
  3. 13 Ways to Increases Your Conversion Rate (14 pg .pdf)
  4. 15 Ways to Improve Your Website's Conversion Rate (9 pg .pdf)
  5. Behave (formerly "Which Test Won")
  6. [The] Complete Conversion Rate Optimication Guide (25 pg .pdf)
  7. Trustworthiness in Web Design: 4 Credibility Factors
  8. Website Conversion Rate Optimization 20-Point Checklist (8 pg .pdf)

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