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Mr. B's Takin' Care of Business:  What is the Golden Rule (.pdf)

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  1. [The] Golden Ratio vs. The Rule of Thirds
  2. What is the Golden Ratio?

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  6. Phi Calculator:  Great tool to know golden ratio dimensions. You just need to enter any number into this tool and it will give you the result you need for the golden ratio. It’s free and very easy to use.
  7. What Is The Golden Ratio? What You Need to Know and How To Use It

Student Activities

  1. Facial Beauty Analysis (.pdf)
  2. How to Calculate the Golden Ratio Face
  3. [The] Human Face & the Golden Ratio
  4. [The] Perfect Face - Golden Ratio Beauty Calculator
  5. Mr. B's Golden Rule Portrait/Mobile Planning Grid (.pdf)
  6. Mr. B's Golden Rule Landscape/Widescreen Planning Grid (.pdf)

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