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More Photoshop Tutorials by CS Geek

Comprehensive Guide To Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

More Photoshop Slideshows by John Josef Jimenez
  1. Basic Editing: Images
  2. Best Photoshop Video Tutorials: 9 Video Tutorial Websites for Photoshop
  3. Color Settings for Web Design
  4. Color Settings (Video tutorial)
  5. Create Animated GIFs Using Photoshop
  6. Edit Product Photos in Photoshop Beginner’s Tutorial:  Levels, Hue/Saturation, & Brightness
  7. How To Save High Quality Images For The Web In Photoshop
  8. Photoshop CC 2017 Essential Skills (21 pg .pdf)
  9. Photoshop:  Not Just for Retouching
  10. [The] Process of Editing and Adjusting Images with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  11. Spot Fake Photos on the Web
  12. Spot Faked Photos Using Digital Forensic Techniques
  13. Cropping, Resizing, Optimizing Images in Photoshop
    1. 15 Easy Tips for Cropping Photos Like a Pro
    2. Adjust the Image Quality
    3. How Do I Prepare My Images?
    4. How to Resize an Image Without Losing Quality
    5. Optimize Images
    6. Optimize Images for Web with Photoshop
    7. Optimize an Image for the Web in Photoshop CS6
    8. How to Resize Images for Your Website in Photoshop
    9. Optimize Images for Web and Performance
    10. Prepare Pictures for the Web With Photoshop
    11. Resize, Crop, Straighten, & Add to Image Canvas
    12. Resize Images
    13. Use Photoshop’s Batch Command to Quickly Save Images for Web
    14. Use the Image Processor to Batch Process Multiple Files
    15. Why You Need to Optimize Images
  14. Photoshop Tips N Tricks for Web Images
    1. 2 Quick Tool Tips For Warming Up Photos in Adobe Photoshop
    2. 10 Photoshop Actions to Speed Up Retrouching & Photo Editing
    3. 10 Photoshop Editing Skills Every Photographer Should Know
    4. 10 Ways to Make Photos Work in Your Designs
    5. 11 Beginner Tutorials for Learning Photoshop Quickly
    6. 20 Pro Tips for Photoshop
    7. 50 Fantastic Photo Effect Tutorials with Photoshop
    8. 65 Photoshop Shortcuts to Help You Edit Photos Like a Pro
    9. Add an Authentic-Looking Vintage Look to a Photo
    10. Beauty Makeover:  Color Your Hair
    11. Beauty Makeover:  Remove Skin Blemishes
    12. Capture a Photo from Video
    13. Create a Vintage Photo Filter With Photoshop in 60 Second
    14. Create Great Black and White Images in Photoshop
    15. Create Lighting Effects
    16. Slice web pages

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