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How NOT to Impress with Graphics (downloadable, printable .pdf)

  1. 5 Tips for Choosing Images That’ll Make Your Content Engagement Skyrocket
  2. 8 Tips For Choosing Perfect Images For Your Website
  3. 9 Golden Rules of Choosing Images for Your Website
  4. 10 Mistakes in Handling Website Images and How to Solve Them
  5. 10 Things To Know About Images In Web Design
  6. 10 Tips to Choose the Right Images for your Website
  7. 10 Ways to Make Photos Work in Your Designs
  8. 12 Common Image Formatting Mistakes To Avoid On Your Website
  9. Choosing Images for Your Website
  10. Choosing Images for Your Website:  The Minimalist Guide
  11. Choosing the Right Images for Your Website (Sage Marketing Group)
  12. Choosing the Right Images for Your Website (Website Muscle Blog)
  13. Cropping & Reszing Images
    1. 15 Easy Tips for Cropping Photos Like a Pro
    2. Creative Cropping (.pdf)
    3. Cropping Images For Maximum Impact
    4. How to Size Images for Your Website Without Photoshop
  14. Hero Images
    1. 30 Web Designs that Fully Embrace the Hero Image
    2. Exploring the Hero Image Trend in Web Design
    3. Graphic Design Trends 2017: What’s Hot and What’s Not
    4. How to Create a Hero Image (video tutorial)
    5. How to Select Hero Images that Boost Conversions and Move Audiences
    6. [The] Power Of Hero Image Design: 35 Striking Case Studies To Inspire Your Own
  15. How to Choose a Great Website Header Image
  16. How to Choose Effective Website Photos and Images
  17. How to Use Images Effectively in Websites
  18. Image Usability Guide for Web Designers
  19. Purpose and Guidelines for Effective Use of Web Graphics
  20. [The] Role of Web Graphics
  21. [The] Shocking Truth About How Web Graphics Affect Conversions
  22. This, Not That: Tips For Choosing the Right Stock Photos for Your Website
  23. Tips for Selecting the Perfect Images For Your Website
  24. Understanding Images and Aspect Ratios on the Responsive Web
  25. When to Use the JPG, GIF, PNG, and SVG Formats for Your Web Images
  26. Wix:  Working with Graphics
    1. Free Wix Images Terms of Use
    2. How To Choose Images For Your Website
    3. How to Choose the Best Images for Your Website
    4. Sizing Images in Wix:  Consistency, Alignment and Cropping
  27. [The] Web Designers’ Guide to Photo Selection


  1. Understanding Web Graphics
  2. Acquiring Images for Web Graphics
  3. Cropping and Resizing
  4. Adding Images to Your Web Page

Web Graphics | Copyrights | Image Sources

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