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Rubric:  Coloring Your Design Proposal Wireframe

Psychology of Color Assessments

  1. Color Quiz
  2. Color Psychology Quiz
  3. Personality Test
  4. [The] Harvard Color Personality Test
  5. True Color Personality Test
  6. What’s Your Personality Color?
  7. Which Color Are You?

Using Color

  1. Color & Your Personality
  2. Color Psychology:  The “Colour Affects” system (10 pg .pdf)
  3. Color Schemes:  Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary, Split-Complementary & Other Variants
  4. Color Temperature, Chromatic Value & Saturation
  5. Color Theory Basics, RBG (web) and CYMK (print)
  6. [The] Know It All Guide To Color Psychology In Marketing + The Best Hex Chart
  7. Psychology of Color & Color Associations
  8. Responding to Color (4 pg .pdf)
  9. How the Psychology of Color Can Increase Your Website Conversions
  10. How to Choose a Color Palette

Color Design Tools

  1. 6 of the Best Color Tools for Designers
  2. 10 Color Tools for Web Designers
  3. 28 Best Tools for Choosing a Color Scheme
  4. Color The Web:  Color Tools For Designers
  5. Color Tools and Resource
  6. Coolors:  Color Scheme Generator
  7. Decoding Hexadecimal Color Notation
  8. Website Color Schemes

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