Numeric Keypad Skills

Numeric KeypadLearning to key with three-fingers on the numeric touchpad (numberpad) is a valuable skill.  With practice, you can enter not any number with ease, but you will be able to add decimals and perform calculations.   Calculators are usually set up just like the numberpad, so learning to efficiently use it means you also make math easier!

Be sure your NUM LOCK key is on!

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Numeric Keypad Tutorials

  1. How to 10 Key (Number Pad w/Illustrations)
  2. Intro to the Number Pad
  3. Learning the Number Pad
  4. Mr. Kent's Ten-Key Tutor
  5. Number Pad Lessons
  6. Ten Key Test with Decimals & Math Operations
  7. Touch Type Number Pad Practice

Numeric Keypad Games

  1. Number Cruncher
  2. Numeric Keypad Fingering Exercises
  3. Numeric Maze
  4. Numpad Game
  5. Ten Key Data Entry Tests
  6. XXX-XX-XXXX Format Number Entry

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