Introduction to Marketing

Marketing connects buyers and sellersMarketing is all about connecting buyers and sellers.  We can think of marketing as the different ways businesses create a "bridge" between products & services and their customers.  Any activity that helps bring buyers and sellers together is marketing. 

It is a dynamic field and, since virtually all businesses, nonprofits, and even public agencies need to earn revenue, is happening all around us.  The best way to learn marketing, is watch what successful companies are doing today.  That's why I publish Mr. B's Takin' Care of Business marketing newsletters (downloadable, printable pdf files).

  1. What is Marketing?
  2. Economic Utility
  3. The Marketing Concept
  4. The Marketing Mix/4 Ps:    Product    Price    Place    Promotion
  5. Market Segmentation
  6. Review:  Unit 1 Study Guide (.pdf form)
  7. Free Enterprise
  8. Economics 101
  9. Review:  Unit 2 Study Guide (.pdf)
  10. Seven Functions of Marketing
  11. Review:  Unit 3 Study Guide (.pdf form) and Markup/Markdown Practice (.pdf form)
  12. Entrepreneurship
  13. Franchises
  14. International Business Opportunities
  15. Review:  Unit 4 Study Guide (.pdf form)
  16. Marketing Projects (downloadable/printable .pdf files) 
    1. Apparels/Clothing Project (4 Ps/Marketing Mix)
    2. Breakfast Cereal Marketing Project, example:  Mr. B's Chocolate Sugar Mayhem and Assessment Rubric (all .pdf files)
    3. Distribution Research
    4. Holiday Promotions
    5. Marketing Monopoly
    6. Promotion Project
    7. Secret Shopper (downloadable, printable .pdf project)
    8. Team Sales Presentation
    9. VALS Survey
    10. Visual Merchandising (Questionaire), Visual Merchandising (Slideshow) and Visual Merchandising Project
    11. What Do You Want to Wear?  Demand & Price (.pdf form) and Fashion Project Video (Clothing supply & demand)
    12. Your Purchases

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