Keying Tune-Up:  A Critical Writing Skill

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Using "Home Row" on the Keyboard.Writing is a critical 21st Century Skill and today, we have powerful tools to help us write.  While texting interfaces and predictive word technology are great, they have their limitations.  Being able to comfortably, confidently and competently write with a keyboard is a valuable skill.  The QWERTY keyboarding, the key arrangement sold with almost all computers in the U.S., is not obsolete.

It will be with us for a long time to come.  Technology has existed for decades that will transcribe speech-to-text, but these digital tools are rarely used.  The English language is complex and is not written the way it is spoken.  More importantly, even if I can talk and have it transcribed to text, it is not ready to read.

Writing is a process of editing and revising.  The problem with speech-to-text is that we still have to edit and revise speech-to-text for clarity and readability.  To efficiently do this, we need to be able to key our revisions.  The good news is:  we can all learn to key and not have to hunt-and-peck for each letter of each word in each sentence, paragraph, and document we write. 

This "keyboard tune-up" is designed to connect my students with the best keyboarding tutorials and keying games online.  Everything here is FREE!  Invest 15-20 minutes each day reviewing keyboard fingerings and the touch method. 

Once you learn to use "home row" and the "touch method", then you can choose fun keying games to build those skills.  Keying games let you build skills letter-by-letter, word-by-word, and then working with "chunks" of text.  As you get faster and more-accurate, you will be amazed at how easy this becomes!

What is "Touch Typing"?  Please watch
this short video to find out.
Ergonomics | Keying Tutorials | Keying Games
Don't forget the Three-Finger Numeric Keypad! 

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Keying Ergonomics

Learning how to sit and key comfortably is the foundation of great typing skills.  Ergonomics underlies the "touch method".

  1. Ergo for Members.  Check out this online guide to ergonomics.  Just click on what you want to know.
  2. Ergonomic Self-Help Guide.  Here's an interactive guide to promote awareness of how ergonomics help us use computers productively.
  3. Ergonomic Workstation - Ergonomic Basics.  Learn how to create a comfortable workstation.
  4. Ergonomics Quiz.  Test what you know.
  5. Ergonomics Simplified.  A complete ergonomics tutorial based on your specific challenges and concerns.
  6. What are Ergonomics?  This great interactive site will explain.

Keying Tutorials

If you carefully practice correctly:  sitting up straight, feet flat on the floor (yes! it makes a difference), fingers slightly curved, wrists flat and off the table/desk, and fingertips on each hand resting lightly on "home row"(asdf jkl;) you too can learn the "touch method" and become an comfortable, accurate keyboarder.

Each of the links below contain a set of keyboarding lessons that break this valuable skill down into manageable chunks -- keep track of which sites and which of their lessons you master.  You can complete an entire keyboarding review in a couple of weeks and you will feel the difference -- and it feels great!

  1. All The Touch Typing Tutors.  This web has a large set of links for freeware and shareware keyboarding sites.
  2. Alpha Free Typing Tutor.  This site provides step-by-step instruction to improve keyboarding ability and also hosts lessons, games, and tests that score wpm and accuracy.
  3. ARTypist.  Created to help students learn, improve, and master keyboarding, this online tutor provides 10 lessons and games.
  4. BellaOnline.  How quickly can you type? Take these free online typing tests to find out!
  5. Byte Back Typing Tutor.  Here's a free course designed to teach touch typing.
  6. Dance Mat Typing. A quirky animated course by British Broadcasting Corporation -- if you enjoy talking goats and a playful interface, you will like this.
  7. E-Learning for Kids This site has a space theme that makes it fun for kids to practice their keyboarding skills. Games can be unlocked as typists move on to higher levels.
  8. Free Typing Game.  This site has a free set of interactive activities to learn the "touch method" of keying. Learning to type has never been easier.
  9. Glencoe's Online Keyboarding. These are the folks that wrote the book -- typing books for generations of keyers. These lessons will carefully help you review and build skills.
  10. GoodTyping.  Learn how to type correctly in just a few hours using all your fingers
  11. Keyboard Tutorial & Typing Test. Great site to review or learn keying. When you are ready, there is a section to practice composing at the keyboard and then practicing your text.
  12. Laptop Typing Tutorial.  This web links to a complete set of tutorials, drills, games, lessons, and diagrams to improve typing skills.
  13. Learn 2 Type.  A complete tutorial that begins by demonstrating hand position & technique. Not sure where to start? Use their timed typing tests to see how ready you are. While not required, you can create an account to help you keep track of your progress each time you log-in.
  14. Learn Keyboard Typing. Great site -- 13 online lessons -- you will move through them quickly. This site is great for a typing "tune-up".
  15. Learn to Type at the Speed of Thought!  Here's a valuable site that tutors you to key as fast as you imagine the text you want to write.  This is a more authentic skill than typing drills from straight-copy.
  16. Learn to Type Online. This course has 5 lessons to introduce keys -- maybe too fast for a beginner (but maybe not). This site is a great review for those needed a "tune-up".
  17. Peters Online Typing Course.  A comprehensives and well-done program. This one will work for you if you work it.
  18. PowerTyping.  Choose QWERTY (standard) or Dvorak keyboard and rev your keyboardin' engine!
  19. Speed Typing Online. Even if you have learned the basics, try this website's quick "tune-up". You can be a speed-typist too.
  20. Typing Club. Begin with home row and then add 2 keys per lesson -- very managable and effective.
  21. Typing Lessons. This site does a fantastic job of breaking the keyboard into short, simple lessons. Highly recommended, especially for those just getting started.
  22. Typing Play.  Have fun while you learn to key.  There are links to learn the "touch method" of keyboarding and then lessons to have fun practicing.
  23. Typing Test Online. Use this site to check your progress -- watch your skills grow.
  24. Touch Typing Online.  If other online programs add new keys too fast, try this one -- it carefully breaks your practice into manageable groups.
  25. Typing Course Online.  Choose your style of lessons: letter-by-letter, copy text, create your own text.
  26. Typing Web.  A free set of online lessons that require you to set up a no-charge account.
  27. VisiBone Touch-Typing Tutor.  Another well-done set of free interactive keyboarding links.
  28. Wapsilon:  How fast are your fingers? Do the one minute typing test; press space after each word. At the end, you get your typing speed in CPM and WPM.
Ergonomics | Keying Tutorials | Keying Games
Don't forget the Three-Finger Numeric Keypad

This page contains links to outside sources. By clicking on a link, you will be leaving  The Mr. B's Biz Ed Web is not responsible for any content housed or published on those sites.

Keying Games

  1. 10 Fast Fingers: Improve your typing speed
  2. 26 Words vs 60 Seconds:  Can you think of and then type 26 words that starts with each letter of the alphabet within 60 seconds?  Get extra bonus if you finish before the time is up. Words must be at least 3 letters long.
  3. 30 Second Alphabet:  The goal is to type as many letter characters as you can in 30 seconds!
  4. A-B-C Jumpers:  Falling manikins must not be broken up! You must help them to use a parachute by pressing the correct letter on your keyboard.
  5.  Imagine that your keyboard fell apart and you had to put all the keys back in their correct places
  6. Air Typer:  Fly, type, and blast them down!
  7. All the Right Type.  Choose the game that is just right for you.
  8. Alpha Attack:  Keyboarding game
  9. Alpha Munchies:  Select a level of difficulty and begin keyboarding as quickly as you can to protect your lunch!
  10. Alphabetic Rain:  Can you key faster than the raindrops?
  11. Alpha Speed:  Type the alphabet from “a” to “z” on keyboard as fast as you can
  12. Alphabet Speed Keying:  How fast can you type the alphabet?
  13. Alphabet Speed Keying BACKWARDS!  It isn't easy keying the alphabet backwards.  How fast can you do it?
  14. Alphabet Speed Keying BACKWARDS!  Finger Frenzie,  Are you ready?  Don't try this until you type the letters using correct fingering.
  15. AlphaBlitz:   Keep your eyes peeled for falling letters. Type the letter on your keyboard to explode it to smithereens! Make sure you destroy them before they reach the bottom though.
  16.  Free Typing lessons, games, and certificates
  17. Axis of Evil:  Finish typing the words on the missiles before they bypass the line of mass destruction.
  18. B-Speed Typer:  Test out your typing skills against ever increasing numbers of words, the faster that you type the quicker you clear them off the screen.
  19. Balloon Fun.  Type the letter on the balloon to stop it from escaping. You need to stop more than 50% of the balloons to pass to the next level.
  20. Balloon Typing Game.  Another relaxed-themed game -- type letters before the balloons float away.
  21. Baseball Typing.  Are you ready to swing your bat and hit the letters by swatting the baseball?
  22. Beaver Trouble Typing:  A baby beaver got lost and now his parents are searching for him. Will you be kind enough to help this lovely family.
  23. Big Brown Bear Keyboarding Games
  24. Blast Typing:  Aim the cannon at falling letters by keying the accurately and quickly.
  25. Bloop:  Fire at the falling letters (the bloops) with your cannon by moving back and forth and pressing letters to shoot bubbles.
  26. Bubbles Alphabet
  27. Baron von Typefast: You are Baron von Typesfast, fighter ace and blimps are bombing your city!
  28. Byte Back Typing Tutorials: Free course designed to teach touch typing
  29. Career Step Typing  Find out how fast you are typing.
  30. CDE Toy Store Typing:  Head to the toy store and type up a list of exactly what you want to leave with! Then take your list to the front counter and leave with a ton of awesome toys!
  31. Computer Circus:  Keyboarding skills via an Oracle ThinkQuest
  32. Computer Keyboarding Questions:  What do YOU want to know?
  33. Computer Tutorial For Beginners:  Let's review the parts of a typical computer workstation.
  34. Crazy A-B-C to X-Y-Z:  Test your typing and mouse skills with this fun and challenging game. In the first game you need to see if you can click the key shown to you.
  35. Cupid Typing:  A funny typing game!  Help cupid to collection the red hearts. Type out the correct spelling of each word. 
  36. Dance Mat Typing:  Great animated introduction to the keyboard.
  37. Deal or No Deal. 
  38. Dancer Typing:  Get into the groove and type the words under the dancer as fast as you can.
  39. Desert Typing Racer
  40. E-Learning for Kids: Online space-age typing lessons free
  41. Easter Bunny Typing:  If spring is your favorite time of year, you will enjoy this game.
  42. Easy Typing Games: Typing sites from Aunt Lee
  43. Edit Dan's Copy:  Have fun helping an ace-reporter edit and revise his news articles for publication.
  44. English Football World Cup Typing:  This typing soccer game is lots of fun and really builds world-class keying skills.
  45. Exercises In Typing: Created by kids for kids, these typing lessons and diagrams explore the basics of typing and operating the keyboard.
  46. Finger Frenzie World:  How fast can YOU type the alphabet?
  47. Fireball Typer:   The fireball guy hates letters. Type them before he reaches them. Avoid typing letters he's touched. Gold letters give you bonuses and extra tries.
  48. Fix the Keyboard
  49. Fearless Frieda, Skillful Skateboarding: A fun way to practice both typing and spelling. 
  50. Flashing Fingers:  Clear ORANGE colored highlighted words by typing them out.  Words are automatically highlighted when cleared
  51. Foggies Typing Game: Free typing game to learn and practice typing on a computer keyboard
Ergonomics | Keying Tutorials | Keying Games
Don't forget the Three-Finger Numeric Keypad
  1. Free Typing Speed Tests (WPM) Online: Accurate and reliable results, reflecting your keyboarding skill
  2. Free Typing Games Online: The typing playground
  3.  Free typing games online, fun and lesson based keyboarding games including home row!
  4. Free Typing Tests
  5. [The] Frogs are Off Their Diet: Frogs are eating all the letters -- help them stay on their diet by typing the letters before they get swallowed!
  6. Fun Kids Typing Games (Speed Typing / Keyboarding Practice): online typing activities for elementary school kids (mostly suitable for children in 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade).
  7. Fun Typing Games from Build your work knowledge while you learn keyboarding.
  8. Games galore that build valuable skills
  9. Gamequarium Keyboarding Games: Online games and a complete online keyboarding course.
  10. Gems Typing.  Can you key the words on each beautiful jewel before they float away?
  11. Growing With Technology: Kindergarten Typing Lesson
  12. Growing With Technology: 1st Grade Typing Lesson
  13. Growing With Technology: 2nd Grade Typing lesson
  14. Growing With Technology: 3rd Grade Typing lesson
  15. Growing With Technology: 4nd Grade Typing lesson
  16. Growing With Technology: 5rd Grade Typing lesson
  17. Gyroshi:  More of a musical experience than a game hit the right letters when they get in the circles.  See how long you can last in this colorful rhythm game.
  18. Hello Kitty Typing Game:  Type the correct letter and go to the next level. Watch out the letters will fall faster.
  19. Horse Race Typing: Its post time -- learn keyboarding at the races.
  20. Hot Balloon Typing:  Prevent the birds from attacking the hot balloon.  Type out the correct spelling of each word.
  21. Graduate from hunt-and-peck to touch typing mastery
  22. Juggle Type: Practice home row keys to keep the puck in play in this breakout style typing game.
  23. Jumping Caterpillar:  Help the caterpillar jump over obstruction by press right key. If you write key (L,K,J,F,D,S,A), part of caterpillar jump over obstruction.
  24. KeyFlex:  React as quickly as possible by pressing the appropriate key. You will see a visual representation of the keyboard on your screen, and one by one, keys will light up.
  25. Key Master II:  Type the words near each monster to defend, type the names of the potions to use, and press enter to clear the typed letters.
  26. Keyball: A fast-paced and intense way to learn to type, the game  asks you to catch balls with fast and timely keystrokes.
  27. Keyboard Action:  Defeat filthiness by cleaning dirty keyboards while learning to key
  28. Keyboard Climber.  How far can you climb?
  29. Keyboard Ninja: Take your final test to become a master keyboard ninja
  30. Keyboard Practice: Keyboarding students need to practice regularly
  31. Keyboard Simon:  Remember a sequence of keystrokes and then reproduce them when the time comes.  You start with a (dimmed) layout of the keyboard. A sequence of keys will flash, starting simply with just one letter and then building from there.
  32. Keyboarding Resources Online: Good selection of keying lessons, especially for grades K-8
  33. Keyboarding for Kindergarten: From KeySeeker
  34. Keyboarding Games for Kids: Just what the title says -- all fun
  35.  Take typing lessons, test your typing speed and practice typing for free
  36. Keyboarding Practice for Kids: From LiveBinder
  37. Keyboard Revolution: Let the fun begin.
  38. Keybricks.  Remove groups of bricks of the same color until they are all gone
  39. Keyman.  Catch all the keys and find the treasure chest.
  40. KeyMaster:  Type the words to speak the spells! In this fast-paced adventure themed typing game your job is to defeat the evil creatures that are coming to attack you!
  41. KeyMaster II:   Fend off menacing beasts by typing their names. Kaboom! With more levels, power-ups, bad guys and bosses. Prepare for the ultimate typing challenge.
  42. KeyMaster III:  Type the monsters names or blow them up! The more accurate the better the score
  43. Keymory:  Find all the matching tiles in this typing version of the classic memory game.
  44. Krazy Keys. Type the entire alphabet on your keyboard in the lowest time possible
  45. Krazy Keyboarding for Kids:  Online lessons for all the alpha and symbol keys you need to get a super start.
  46. Learn Keyboard Typing:  Step-by-step instructions on how to type
  47. Learn Keyboarding:  2nd Grade lessons From Turtle Diary
  48. Learn to Type Home Keys.  Do you have "home row" down?
  49. Learn to Type With Typing Games:  Chose words or numbers
  50. Learn Typing:  Online free typing tutor
  51. Learn2Type:  Free online typing lessons and free typing tests
  52. Letter Launch:  Help get the letters to safety in this strategy typing game that will test your timing, typing and patience.
  53. Letter Cruncher:  Test your dexterity with this follow up to Number Cruncher. This time you use the QWERTY keyboard to strike the keys as they appear.
  54. Letter Zap!:  Just start it up and press the letter on your keyboard. You get 1 point when you zap a letter.
  55. Lightning Typing:  Strike down the approaching mice with lightning by typing the words they are carrying along with them. If you take too long to type the word, the mice will reach your stack of blocks and destroy them.
Ergonomics | Keying Tutorials | Keying Games
Don't forget the Three-Finger Numeric Keypad
  1. Lion Typing:  This is a funny typing game. Type as fast as you can to avoid be eat by the lion.
  2. Listen & Write!  Improve your listening skills and hear about the news. is free listening practice.
  3. Logo Quiz:  Identify logos by selecting the logo you recognize, then correctly typing the company name that the logo represents. Identify as many logos as possible to unlock more levels
  4. Magic Library:  Key the falling letters in the Magic Library. Select from three degrees of difficulty easy, normal, and hard.
  5. Magic Spells:  Type magic words to outsmart the evil witch. Fun way to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Amazing graphics and great sounds will keep you hooked until the end.
  6. Martian City Defender
  7. Meteor Typing Blast
  8. Miami Zombie Typing:  A fun typing game. Improve your typing skills. Type the words on the zombie as fast as you can before the Miami zombie attack you.
  9. Music Typing:  This is a typing game and a music game enjoy it!
  10. Nature Typing:  Another word-fall game.  This one has a relaxing sunny-day theme.
  11. NFL Typing: Get the ball through the goal posts and advance to the next level by keeping the ball afloat. Each correctly typed word kicks the ball, keeping it in play.
  12. News Typing:  Choose a topic:  Sports, Technology, Entertainment, Health or Business -- practice your keyboarding skills while you "catch up" on current events.  Pretty kewl.
  13.  Free online typing test with touch typing tutorials
  14. Nitro Type: Worldwide real-time typing competition.
  15. Olympic Typing Game:  Choose your character and which tournament to participate in. Of course, you have to type fast in order to run fast
  16. Play Typing Game Free Online: From learn4good
  17. Peter's Online Typing Course:  Online Typing Lessons for Everyone!
  18. Powertyping:  Online free typing lessons for Qwerty -US standard keyboard
  19. Primary Games Typing: Kids can have fun while they learn how to type
  20. Outer Space Fleet Commander: Guide the alien fleet through the galaxy, typing letters before they stop you
  21. Quick Typing Practice:  Build skills with quick bursts of speed.
  22. QuickType:  Typing game where you must type as fast as possible the words scrolling on screen.. Fast fingers needed.
  23. QWERTY Warriors:  The top-row of a standard U.S. keyboard says QWERTY -- are you ready to join and compete with the QWERTY Warriors?
  24. Rank My Typing:  How many words you can successfully type in one minute?
  25. Rapid Typing Zone:  Typing tutor, typing games, typing championships, & typing tests.
  26. Reflex Keys:  Hit the keys as they appear.  The game speeds up depending on how far you get.
  27. Rocket Typing:  Launch the rocket with your typing skills.
  28. Rocket Typing Deluxe:  As the rockets roar past, type the words to earn points.
  29. Room 108 Typing:  Lots of Children's Typing Games here
  30. Save the Sailboat Race:  Falling Letters are ruining the sailboat race -- help by typing the letters before they land on the boats
  31. Sense-lang Keyboard Tutor:  A vast collection of keying resources.
  32. Sky Chase:  A multi-player racing game that allows students from anywhere in the world to race one another while practicing typing and keyboard skills
  33. Slime Kids Typing Games:  Got your thinking cap on?
  34. Snail Invasion:  Protect your garden from these hungry snails!  Key the letters on their shells as the "race" by.
  35. Snow Typer.  Type the word before it hits the ground.
  36. Snow Typing.  Can you key each letter on the snowflakes as they appear?
  37. Space Trace:  Guess the word by using the letters in the moons and drawing the shape clue then typing your answer in the textbox. If you get stuck use the clue at the expense of your score.
  38. Space Typewriter.  Amazing -- from outer space!
  39. Spacebar Invader:  Strange creatures & UFOs wiggle down from space -- type words and phrases before they reach bottom
  40. Speed Typing Online:  Ever wonder how people learn to type so fast? Touch typing is a skill that uses muscle memory developed only through practice.
  41. Speedy Type:  Type the group of letters in the bubbles that float on the screen as fast as possible.
  42. Spelling Bee:  Pick a person and do the Spelling Bee
  43. Spelling Match:  It's fun to learn to key and spell (1st-8th grade)
  44. Sqworl Typing Practice:  Learn keyboarding with a squirrel!
  45. StarKeys.  Practice "home row" with the stars.
  46. [A] Start On Typing:  NASA presents this color coded diagram to show where each hand should go on the keyboard. After placing fingers on the home row, play the Sign Here game.
  47. Sunrise Typer:  type fast and accurately to lift the sun into the sky. 10 levels of increasing difficulty improves your typing and concentration skills while treating you to a beautiful sunrise over striking landscapes as you progress.
  48. Super Hyper Spider Typer:  Hungry lizards with words on their backs are after Berry the hairy spider! Save Berry from these colorful, wacky creatures by typing words quickly.
  49. Tarantuloid Typing Terror:  A shooter game designed to test and improve your touch typing skills.  Key the letters on the spiders before they get you.
  50. TerminaCore:   Enter the virtual reality. Defend the virtual core by destroy the incoming malwares. Type the malware word attribute to destroy them.
  51. Timed Typing Tests:  Free online assessments to build skills
  52. Touch Typing Study:  Are you still typing with two fingers? Do you still need to look at your keyboard before every keystroke?
  53. Trash Typer:  Help keep the oceans clean by typing to pick up the trash.
Ergonomics | Keying Tutorials | Keying Games
Don't forget the Three-Finger Numeric Keypad
  1. Trick or Type:  Halloween-themed fun.  The ghosts want candy.  Key words to drop treats into their bag.
  2. Toodle:  Use your keyboard to type in the sentences
  3. Typing Chef.  Like to bake or cook?  You'll love this game.
  4. Type It II:  A 3-in-1 typing game with different typing options for maximum play value. Play “Scroll” mode to type the letters before they leave the screen, “Quick Draw” for typing the letters as soon as they appear, and “Words” for typing complete words.
  5. Type from A to Z.  :  How fast can you type the alphabet?  The fastest time so far is 2.051 seconds!  Can you beat this?
  6. Typemare:  Run as fast as you can in the game!!!! Or else the hand will catch you!!! Tap continuously and move fast!! Do not allow the hand to come even near you. Run now!!!
  7. Typeracer:  The global typing competition
  8. Typeroids.  Typeroids Home Mission Is A Free Typing Games Based On Space Alien Shooting Game
  9. Typing:  From
  10. Typing Adventure:  Learning typing is the focus of these keyboarding games
  11. Typing Challenge.  Type as fast as you can and then play again to see if you can get any faster.
  12. Typing Challenge 2.  Try your hand at some quick keyboarding with this exciting new typing game from Learning Games For Kids
  13. Typing Club:  Learning and improving your typing speed
  14. Typing Chef:  Learn keyboarding in this virtual kitchen
  15. Typing Defense.  Type the words to protect your home world
  16. Typing Factory:  From Learning Games for Kids
  17. Typing Game Collection:  Features three mini-games, twenty-one typing lessons, and a lesson builder, allowing teachers to create customized lessons for students!
  18. Typing Games:  From surfnetkids -- surfing the 'net with kids
  19. Typing Games for Kids:  From
  20. Typing Mania:  How fast can you work your keyboard to bust out the falling words on your screen.
  21. Typing Master Games.  Play Bubbles and other popular typing games
  22. Typing Monster.  Beat the monster by typing spells
  23. [The] Typing of the Ghosts Game. Ghoulish fun while you learn to key
  24. Typing Practice.  Educational Resources on the Web
  25. Typing Passage.  This is a unique typing game roughly based on our Typing Tutor.
  26. Typing Race -- Turtle.  One of three racing games.  Type the sentences and move your turtle to the finish line.
  27. Typing Race -- Bunny.  The next challenge -- demands more skills than the turtle race.  Type to win!
  28. Typing Race -- Car.  Are you ready?  This last typing race features a paragraph to key.  Can your car race to victory?
  29. Typing Rocket Junior.  Practice for Kindergarten through second grade.
  30. Typing Rockets Major League.  Third grade and up.
  31. Typing Speed Test.  How fast can you type?
  32. Typing Test.  Choose your goal and achieve it
  33. Typing Tidepool.  Type quickly and accurately to make Milo’s dolphin swim faster and win the race.
  34. Typing Tone.  Type the letters as they float across the musical staff -- a fun typing game with rhythm and music.
  35. Typing Trek: 
  36. Typing Tutorials And Lessons.  All free & online
  37. Typing Zone.  This typing game rewards you more for accuracy than speed. The goal, aside from correctly typing the words, is to avoid typos and thereby build long streaks of correct keystrokes.
  38. TypeDown.  Type as fast as possible to prevent the column of rising words from reaching the top.
  39.  Includes English and Spanish lessons & more!
  40.  Free online typing copy practice exercises.
  41. Typeroids.  A famous asteroids game remade to build keying skills.
  42. Your keyboarding skills increase as you practice -- see for yourself
  43. TypingWeb.  Free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial.
  44. Typo.  The fast paced typing test to test your fast paced typing.
  45. Typo II.  A sequel to the original Typo, this typing game also requires you to type quickly and accurately.
  46. Typo Trooper.  Troopers are falling. They cry something. If you type it and press Enter their parachutes open and you gain score
  47. UFO Typing.  Aliens are attacking your planet and your typing skills are the only thing that can stop them.
  48. Upbeat -- Best Online Music Game Ever. Keep the rhythm to chart topping tracks and rock the party while you key!
  49. Valentines Typing.  Here's a fun Valentines Day challenge.
  50. Winter Typing.  Can you key the words on each snowflake before they hit the ground.
  51. Wizard's Notebook.  Solve the visual riddles by typing in words and watch as they transform into what the word describes. For example, the word "water" will act as if it were water. Use this technique to reach the star of each level and save the princess!
  52. Wizard Typing.  Use the keyboard to type the letters on the falling rocks after the volcano's eruption. Don't let the rocks destroy the 4 Crystals you are protecting!
  53. Word Frenzy.  Learn Keyboarding from Free World Group.
  54. Word Mountain.  Journey across the land climbing the highest mountains in the world. In this universe, you climb by typing words.
  55. Word Wise Jetsetter.  An international multicultural language game.  Type the words as they appear on the bottom of the screen. If nodes are falling from above, then you must only press the key when they touch the corresponding letter below.
  56. Words Trap.  Train for typing choosing your words to escape the trap faster! You will have to type the words before they reach the top of the tunnel, but you won’t escape if you don’t use the failures of this trap correctly.
  57. Z-Type.  Type the words that are falling from the top of the screen. When you have correctly typed a word a laser shoots it.
  58. Zombie Typocalypse.  They're coming for you!  Destroy the zombies by keying the words that appear.

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