Personal Finance:  Understanding Advertising

Activity Links

  1. Language of Advertising Worksheet (MS Word template)
  2. Video:  The Art of Rhetoric: Persuasive Techniques in Advertising
  3. Factual Claims versus Opinions (Interactive Web)
  4. Be an Ad Detective:  Slogan Recognition (econedlink)
  5. How well do you recognize these brands? (A logo coloring game.  Can you identify each brand's color?)
  6. 14 False Advertising Scandals That Cost Brands Millions
  7. Guess the Brand by its Logo
  8. 15 Logos You Might Recognize But Had No Idea Had A Hidden Symbol
  9. Majority of people can’t identify the Apple logo, can you?
  10. These Competing Brands' Color Schemes Were Swapped. Can You Recognize the Logos?
  11. Can You Recognize These Really Blurry Restaurant Logos?
  12. Where are the ads typically found in schools?
  13. FBLA Advertising Slogan Worksheet/Quiz (Quizlet)
  14. More Logo Quizzes (lots to choose from)
  15. Mr. B's Marketing Segmentation lesson and Interactive Quiz (2 parts)

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