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Driving & Owning Cars

Buying vrs Leasing a New Car

Buying vrs Leasing Activity Links

  1. Guess the Logo (Car brand self-assessment)
  2. Buying versus Leasing Info Sheet
  3. Buy or Lease? (.pdf U.S.A. Today information sheet)
  4. Should You Lease a Vehicle? (NO! Take Charge America)
  5. Compare & Contrast Double Bubble:  Buying versus Leasing (.pdf form)

How to Buy a Used Car

The average used car costs less than half the average new car. So, it's no surprise that used cars outsell new cars 3-to-1. Which is right for you? THIS website, from Bankrate, will help you decide.

More Videos About Buying Used Cars

  1. Side of the Road Inspection:  Here's how to do a quick check when you see a used car on the side of the road or if you stop by a dealer when they are closed and no saleperson is around
  2. How to Inspect a Used Car's Engine:  Begin with an OBD2 Scanner to verify that the engine is free of major problems. These only cost $100 and can save you a fortune!
  3. What is the car worth?
  4. Interior & Exterior Inspection
  5. How to Test Drive and Buy a Used Car

Links to Research Used Cars

  1. Free Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Check:  Stolen car and salvage
  2. Free VIN Check:  Recalls
  3. KBB Trade in Value Calculator:  Trade-in value often a fair price to ask from a private owner selling his/her car
  4. NADA Trade in Value Calculator:  This is a good place to start negotiating a price

Activity Links

  1. Email Assignment:  Buying a Used Car (.pdf)
  2. Comparing Costs:  New versus Used Car (.pdf)
  3. Loan Calculator (by Bret Whissel)
  4. Car Buying Project Worksheet (.pdf form)
  5. Buying a Used Car for Under $2,500 (Edmunds)
  6. Car Costs (.pdf)
  7. Interactive Web Sites & Quizzes (Email review assignment sheet, downloadable/printable .pdf)
    1. Are you an eco-driver?
    2. Auto Calculator:  New versus Used
    3. Can You Identify The Car Parts?
    4. Car Condition Quiz
    5. Car Word List/Vocabulary
    6. Car Logo Quiz:  Guess the Brand
    7. Do You Know How to Save on Gas? Take the Money Quiz.
    8. Engine Quiz
    9. How Much Do You Know About Self-Driving Cars?
    10. How's Your Car Safety Knowledge?
    11. How Well Do You Drive?
    12. Lease or Buy a Car?
    13. Out of Gas: The Alternative Fuels Quiz
    14. System 101:  More information about how cars work
    15. Test your knowledge with the brakes quiz!
    16. What Car Is Right For Me?
    17. Which Car Best Defines Your Personality?

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