Personal Finance:  Needs versus Wants

Transcript:  Needs vrs Wants
(.pdf) & Mr. B's Online JavaScript Quiz:  Needs versus Wants

  1. Create a Teen Budget:  Needs and Prioritizing Wants (.pdf form)
  2. Needs & Wants Interactives
    1. Needs and Wants (My Money)
    2. Needs and Wants Drag & Drop (
    3. Needs versus Wants (Interactive Quizlet)
  3. Values, Needs versus Wants and Goal Setting (Quia)
  4. Exploring Values, Needs, Wants (.pdf notetaking guide)
  5. Needs versus Wants (.pdf form)
  6. What Makes You Happy (.pdf form)
  7. My Well-Being (.pdf form)
  8. Money In Your Life (.pdf form)
  9. The Roommates (.pdf form)
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