Personal Finance:  Insurance

  1. General Insurance Concepts (Property & Casualty)
    1. Types of Insurance Note Taking Guide (.pdf form, general insurance information including homeowners/renters/condo)
    2. Review:  Insurance Writing Activities (.pdf form) 
    3. More Insurance Lesson Plan, Notes, and Worksheets
  2. Interactive Web Sites & Quizzes
    1. General Insurance Quiz (Interactive web)
    2. General Insurance Multiple Choice Quiz (Interactive web)
    3. Fire Safety Game:  People forget, the biggest risk to your personal property is a fire (Traveler's Insurance)
  3. Personal Insurance Lines
    1. Auto Insurance Policies
    2. Home/Renters/Condo Insurance Policies
    3. Life Insurance Policies
    4. Health & Disability Insurance Policies
    5. Mr. B's Online JavaScript Quiz:  Insurance Review

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