Personal Finance:  Renting versus Owning

Renting versus Owning

  1. The Home Buying Process from Start to Finish
  2. Renting versus Owning Information Sheet
  3. Renting versus Owning Note Taking Guide (.pdf form)
  4. Video:  How to Rent and Interview for an Apartment for Teens and Writing Prompts (.pdf form)
  5. Video:  How to Rent an Apartment and Would You Sign This Lease Writing Prompt (.pdf form)
  6. Wisconsin Tenant Rights & Responsibilities
    1. Tenant Resource Center for Housing Justice in Wisconsin
    2. Tenant Rights Writing Prompt (.pdf form)
    3. Landlord Tenant Guide (.pdf, Bureau of Consumer Protection)
    4. Tenant Rights & Responsibilities (.pdf, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection
    5. Landlord/Tenant Law (Wisconsin Law Library)
    6. Wisconsin Statutes at Chapter 704, Landlord and Tenant Wisconsin Statutes at Chapter 799 - Small Claims and Eviction Administrative Code at ATCP 134 - Residential Rental Practices
  7. Common Problems Faced by Landlords
  8. Landlord/Tenant Interactive Webs & Quizzes
    1. Am I a Good Renter
    2. Are You a Savvy Renter?
    3. Are You Ready for Your First Apartment?

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