Personal Finance:  The Decision-Making Process

Transcript:  The Decision-Making Process (.pdf) and Mr. B's Online JavaScript Quiz:  The Decision-Making Process

Topic Organizer 1-1 (.pdf form)
  1. Attitudes, Values, and Beliefs Guide Us (.pdf)
  2. What do I Value? (.pdf form)
  3. My Money Personality (.pdf)
  4. What is Your Money Personality? (.pdf)
  5. Values Auction (.pdf)
  6. Roll-Out My Future (.pdf form)
  7. "Goal Out" My Future Letter (.pdf form)
  8. MoneyWise Video Series
    1. Scarcity and Alternatives
    2. Budget and Opportunity Cost
    3. Credit and the Margin
    4. Benefit/Cost Analysis
    5. The How and Why of Prices
  9. Young Guys Finance (YouTube channel for above video)
    1. Budgeting Without Losing Your Mind
    2. How to Follow Through With Your Money Gameplan
    3. Why You Need a Credit Card
    4. The Credit Cards Finance Guys Uses
    5. Investment Products Explained in 1 Minute
  10. Email Video Review Rubric (2 per pg .pdf)

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