Personal Finance:  Managing Credit

Understanding Credit Cards

Credit Cards

  1. Credit Card Note Taking Guide (.pdf form)
    1. Notes:  Understanding Credit Cards
    2. Credit Card Offer Vocabulary (.pdf form)
    3. Video:  Understanding Credit
    4. Credit Card Information Sheet
  2. Credit Card Review (Worksheet/form), Credit Card Statement Review (Worksheet/form) and Credit Review Notes (.pdf)
  3. Learn about bankruptcy (Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11) for consumers and business owners
  4. Choosing Credit Cards and When to Use Credit
    1. Should I be Charging? (.pdf)
    2. Sample Credit Card Offers
    3. Case Studies:  Should They Apply for a Credit Card?
    4. Credit Card Offer Scavenger Hunt
    5. Comparison Shopping for a Credit Card
  5. Credit Interactive Webs, Quizzes
    1. Getting and Using a Credit Card (Interactive module)
    2. Credit Card Simulator (Interactive game)
    3. Wise Credit Management Quiz

Debt Collections

  1. Know Your Rights: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
    1. Debt Collection Sample Letters (Helps you respond to debt collectors)
    2. 10 Rules Debt Collectors Must Follow (.pdf)
    3. 11 tips for dealing with debt collection, collectors
    4. Debt Collection (Federal Trade Commission)
  2. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (Federal Trade Commission)
    1. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Handbook (.pdf)
    2. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Tutorial for Mobile (Counselor's Corner)
    3. Go Head to Head with Debt Collectors and Come Out Smiling (SlideShare, 22 slides)
    4. How to Handle Debt Collector Calls (SlideShare, 8 slides)
    5. Video:  How to Stop Robocalls from Debt Collectors
    6. Illegal Debt Collection Practices
    7. Know your rights: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
    8. Top 10 Debt Collection Rights for Consumers
  3. State of Wisconsin Law Library:  Debt Collection Resources
  4. FDCPA Quizzes
    1. The Basics of U.S. Debt Collection
    2. Debt Collection Quiz
    3. Do you know your debt collection rights?
    4. FDCP Act (ProProfs)
    5. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: Quiz
    6. How Well Do You Know Your Credit Rights?
    7. The Ultimate Fair Debt Collection Act Quiz
    8. What's Your Debt Collection IQ?

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