Personal Finance:  Consumer Ed:  Banking

  1. Calculating Interest Rates
    1. Mr. B's Math Study Tips 'N Tricks
    2. Simple Interest (video) and Writing prompts (.pdf form)
    3. The Rule of 72 (video) and Writing prompts (.pdf form)
    4. Compound Interest (video) and Writing prompts (.pdf)
  2. Depository Institutions:  Information Sheet (.pdf)
  3. Depository Institutions:  Note Taking Guide (.pdf form)
  4. Finding the Financial Facts:  Banking (.pdf form)
  5. Depository Insurance Information Poster
    1. Depository Insurance Information Poster Rubric (.pdf)
    2. Video:  Deposit Insurance Coverage Overview
    3. Video:  Deposit Insurance Coverage -- Personal Accounts
    4. Video:  The Deposit Insurance Fund -- How it Works
  6. Managing Bank Accounts
    1. Savings Account Strategies (.pdf)
    2. Savings versus Checking Accounts (video)
    3. Hands-On Banking for Teens
    4. eBanking (.pdf)
    5. Money Market Accounts
    6. Video:  Checking Accounts
    7. Checking Accounts (.pdf)
    8. Check Writing 1 and Check Writing 2 (online activity, filling out virtual checks)
    9. Balancing Your Checking Account (Interactive example)
    10. Reconciling Your Checking Account (Interactive Check Register lesson)
    11. Checking Account Reconciliation Calculator
  7. Bank Loans (video)

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