Software Resources & Tutorials

MS Access

  1. Introduction to Databases & Getting Started with MS Access 2016
  2. Spreadsheets/Excel) vrs Database/Access
  3. Using Access & Excel Together
  4. Choose Between Microsoft Access and Excel
  5. Excel file to Access
  6. Relational Databases & Database Management Systems (DBMS)
  7. Comprehensive Access 2016 Relational Database Tutorial (GFC)
  8. Database Objects

MS Publisher

  1. The Publisher 2016 User Interface
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Publisher 2016 Tutorial:  Formatting Text (video)
  4. Design Your Own Business Cards with MS Publisher
  5. Microsoft Publisher Flyer Tutorials
  6. Create a Newsletter Wizard

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Sony Vegas

Advanced MS Excel

HTML:  The language of the Internet

CSS:  Cascading Style Sheets

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