Business & Personal Law


  1. Glencoe:  Tort Law Resources
  2. Types of Intentional Torts (downloadable, printable .pdf)
  3. Wisconsin Law Library: Civil Law & Procedure Wisconsin Courts
  4. Federal Rules of Civil Procedures (Cornell Law School)
  5. Pre-trial Procedures in Civil Cases (American Bar Association)
  6. Basic Steps in the Civil Litigation Process (Stoel Rives LLP)
  7. Civil Law & Resources (FindLaw)

Student Activities

  1. Vocabulary Review (downloadable, printable .pdf) or MS Word version
  2. Tort Troubles (downloadable, printable .pdf) or MS Word version
  3. Interactive Reviews:
    1. Scenario:  Private Injuries (interactive)
    2. Sort it Out:  Types of Intentional Torts (interactive)
    3. First Things First:  Steps in a Civil Trial (interactive)
  4. Summative Assessment:  Civil Suits, Car Accidents
    1. Car Accidents Caused by Negligence (downloadable, printable 2 pg .pdf)
    2. Car Accident Defenses (downloadable, printable 2 pg .pdf)
    3. Case Studies:  Car Accidents (downloadable, printable 4 pg .pdf) or MS Word file
    4. Summative Case Study Rubric

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