Criminal Law & Procedures


  1. Different Types of Crimes
  2. Glencoe:  Criminal Law Resources
  3. Wisconsin Law Library:  Criminal Law & Procedures
  4. Criminal Law Terms A-Z (Cornell University Law School)
  5. Criminal Codes by State (Cornell University Law School)
  6. Criminal Procedure (Cornell University Law School)
  7. Death Penalty Information Center
  8. Criminal Law Resources (

Student Activities

  1. Guided Notes:  Criminal Law & Procedure (downloadable, printable .pdf) or MS Word Version
  2. Crime Classifications (downloadable, printable .pdf) or MS Word version
  3. Interactive Reviews:
    1. Sort-it-Out:  Classification of Crimes
    2. Test Your Knowledge:  Criminal Procedures
  4. Case Studies
    1. People v Stamp
    2. Famous Criminal Law Cases In U.S. History
    3. Case Studies/Extended Practice
    4. United States v Baker
    5. Case Study Rubric

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