Business Law:  Real & Personal Property


  1. Determining Personal Property from Real Property in a Business
  2. Distinguish between Real Property and Personal Property
  3. Personal Property:  Legal Definition
  4. Personal Property of a Business
  5. Property Rights and the Rule of Law
  6. Real Estate Law
  7. Real Property
  8. Real Property:  An Overview
  9. Understanding Real Property Interests and Deeds
  10. What is Real Estate and Real Property Law?

Student Activities

  1. Guided Notes:  Owning & Leasing Property (downloadable, printable 2 pg .pdf) or MS Word file 
  2. Interactive Reviews
    1. Beat the Clock:  Real Property Ownership and Its Transfer (Cengage)
    2. Business Law:  Personal Property
    3. Personal Property-Business Law
    4. Personal Property Flashcards
    5. Test Your Knowledge:  Leaseholds in Real Property (Cengage)
  3. Property Law Webquest (downloadable, printable .pdf) or MS Word file
  4. Case Study:  10 Trade Secrets We Wish We Knew (downloadable, printable 3 pg .pdf)

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