Personal Finance:  Income & Payroll Taxes

Transcript & Mr. B's Online JavaScript Quiz:  Payroll Withholdings and Deductions

Activity Links

  1. Tax Basics Note Taking Guide (.pdf form)
  2. Tax Basics Information Sheet (.pdf form)
  3. Basics of Taxes Worksheet (.pdf form)
  4. Tax Scavenger Hunt! (.pdf form)
  5. 1040EZ 2015 Instructions (html document)
  6. 1040EZ 2015 Instructions (downloadable, printable .pdf)
  7. 1040EZ 2015 Form (.pdf form)
  8. Tax Quiz (.pdf document w/answer key)
  9. Interactive Webs/Quizzes:  Taxes
    1. How Much Do You Really Know About Taxes?
    2. Income Taxes Trivia Quiz
    3. IRS Tax Trivia
    4. Taxation Quizzes & Trivia
    5. Taxes:  Most Americans Failed This Quiz
    6. Test Your Income Tax Knowledge
    7. The Ultimate Filing Income Taxes Quiz

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