Personal Finance:  Selecting Stocks

  1. Stock Market & Stocks:  Playing the Market and Stock Market
  2. Mr. B's Self-Updating Portfolio (MS Excel)

Selecting Stocks Resources

  1. MarketWatch:  Great one-stop information stop.  Use their Symbol Lookup page find company symbols/tickers.
  2. New York Stock Exchange:  The world's largest, oldest, and most-trusted stock market listing service.
  3. NASDAQ:  The world's second largest exchange, behind only NYSE.
  4. Dow Jones Industrial Average (CNN Money).  Stock market index that tries to model how the stock market is doing as a whole.  This is the most widely watched stock index in the world.
  5. Marketplace Morning Report (America's most-popular business broadcast, National Public Media/National Public Radio)
  6. The Motley Fool:  Investment News & Views, including a series of podcasts/radio archives

Stock Market Tips:  What's "hot" in 2018?

  1. 5 Overlooked Stock Picks for 2018 from Top Fund Managers (Market Watch)
  2. 7 Goldman Sachs Picks Are Top Stocks to Buy for 2018 (Yahoo Finance)
  3. 7 Solid Stock Picks for 2018 (CBS)
  4. 7 Stocks Set for Monster Growth in 2018 (InvestorPlace)
  5. 10 Best Stocks Under $10 (InvestorPlace)
  6. 12 Stock Buys for 2018 (Forbes)
  7. Hot Stock News Blog (Wall Street Journal)
  8. James Glassman's 10 Stock Picks for 2018 (Kiplinger)
  9. MoneyShow’s 2018 Top Picks Report (Money Show)
  10. Top 5 Biotech Stocks for 2018
  11. Top Stock Picks for 2018, According to People Who Have Beaten the Market (Time)
  12. Warren Buffett’s Best High Dividend Stocks (Simply Safe Dividends)

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