Deciding to Save

Pay Yourself First!

Activity Links

  1. Video:  Saving vs. Investing
  2. Take the Financial Literacy Quiz -- 5 quick questions:  See how you compare with other Americans and Wisconsin citizens (Note:  This is not specifically a high-school quiz)
  3. Savings Information Sheet (.pdf)
  4. Savings Note Taking Guide (.pdf form)
  5. Deciding to Save (.pdf form)
  6. Test your own economic literacy with these 20 questions (The Council for Economic Education)
  7. Savings Quest (.pdf form)
  8. Where does my paycheck go?  (.pdf form)
  9. Reflections:  To Save or Not (rubric)
  10. Video:  What's the Difference Between Checking & Savings?
  11. Savings Made Simple (.pdf)
  12. Road Trip to Savings (Interactive challenge)

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