Personal Finance:  Renting versus Owning

Renting versus Owning

  1. Renting versus Owning Information Sheet
  2. Renting versus Owning Note Taking Guide (.pdf form)
  3. Video:  How to Rent and Interview for an Apartment for Teens and Writing Prompts (.pdf form)
  4. Video:  How to Rent an Apartment and Would You Sign This Lease Writing Prompt (.pdf form)
  5. Wisconsin Tenant Rights & Responsibilities
    1. Tenant Resource Center for Housing Justice in Wisconsin
    2. Tenant Rights Writing Prompt (.pdf form)
    3. Landlord Tenant Guide (.pdf, Bureau of Consumer Protection)
    4. Tenant Rights & Responsibilities (.pdf, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection
    5. Landlord/Tenant Law (Wisconsin Law Library)
    6. Wisconsin Statutes at Chapter 704, Landlord and Tenant Wisconsin Statutes at Chapter 799 - Small Claims and Eviction Administrative Code at ATCP 134 - Residential Rental Practices
  6. Common Problems Faced by Landlords
  7. Landlord/Tenant Interactive Webs & Quizzes
    1. Am I a Good Renter
    2. Are You a Savvy Renter?
    3. Landlord and Renter IQ Quizzes (Zillow, links to 2 quizzes)

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