Homeowners/Renters/Condo Insurance

Do You Need Renters Insurance?

NOTE:  Renters insurance is often a policy we buy before becoming homeowners.  These policies are modified homeowners policies that do not contain any building coverage.  The key to all insurance is to ask questions and understand policies and coverages BEFORE purchasing them.

How Insurance Works

Review:  Types of Insurance

Activity Links

  1. Personal Property Inventories
    1. Mr. B's Personal Inventory Value Calculator (MS Excel)
    2. What's my stuff worth?
    3. How much renters insurance for your stuff?
    4. Protecting Your Possessions (MetLife)
    5. GuIde to Building a Home Inventory
    6. How to Make a Home Inventory in 30 Minutes (Video)
    7. Home Inventory Checklist
  2. Home/Renters Insurance Videos
    1. Why Have Renters Insurance
    2. Understanding Home Insurance
    3. Understanding A Homeowner's Property Insurance Policy
    4. How Homeowners' Insurance Companies Determine Who Is At Risk
    5. Video:  My Experience with Geico Renters Insurance After a Fire, Underwritten by Assurant
  3. Seven Surprising Things Covered by Homeowners Insurance (NOTE:  This varies from policy to policy and from state to state)
  4. Renters Insurance Lesson Plan, Notes, and Worksheets
  5. General Insurance Concepts (Property & Casualty)
    1. Types of Insurance Note Taking Guide (.pdf form, general insurance information including homeowners/renters/condo)
    2. More Insurance Lesson Plan, Notes, and Worksheets
  6. Interactive Web Sites & Quizzes
    1. Mr. B's Online JavaScript Quiz:  Insurance Review
    2. General Insurance Quiz (Interactive web)
    3. General Insurance Multiple Choice Quiz (Interactive web)
    4. Fire Safety Game:  People forget, the biggest risk to your personal property is a fire (Traveler's Insurance)

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