Consumer Ed/Financial Lit

Consumer EducationHow you manage your finances may be the difference in achieving your dreams and missing the mark.  Each day, we look at some current news and views impacting consumers and financial planning.  Mr. B's Takin' Care of Business financial literacy newsletters are online (downloadable, printable pdf files). 

We also use Kahoot regularly for formative assessments, discussion-starters, and "exit tickets".  Everyday, we make tons of decisions about what we buy & consume (video).  Wisconsin just mandated schools teach personal finance (12/16/2017).  Some of the ideas we will cover in this class include: 

  1. What is Consumer Education?
  2. Identifying Needs vs. Wants
  3. The Decision-Making Process
  4. SMART Goals
  5. Summative Assessment: Unit 1 Study Guide (filetype:pdf)
  6. Life Cycle of Financial Planning
  7. Planning Your Career
  8. Getting a Paycheck
  9. Income & Payroll Taxes
  10. Summative Assessment: Unit 2
  11. Savings versus Investing
  12. Banking
  13. Investing
  14. Summative Assessment: Unit 3
  15. Housing: Renting vs. Owning
  16. Transportation
  17. Insurance
  18. Summative Assessment: Unit 4
  19. Credit
  20. Financing Higher Education
  21. Buyer Beware -- Caveat Emptor!
  22. Summative Assessment:  Unit 5


Financial Literacy Links

  1. 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy:  As a FREE PROGRAM of the nation’s certified public accountants to help Americans understand their personal finances through every stage of life.
  2. Bite Club:  Retirement planning game featuring vampires!
  3. Celebrity Calamity:  Manage celebrity credit cards and spending
  4. Chair the Fed:  You run a simulated economy
  5. Check it Out!  You're on your own...
  6. Gen i Revolution:  Includes fifteen financial rescue missions
  7. FarmBlitz:  Manage farm resources to build savings
  8. Finances 101: The FREE life-sized game that teaches High School Students about the financial demands of the real world.
  9. Financial Fitness Quiz
  10. Financial Football
  11. Financial Literacy (Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants)
  12. Financial Literacy for High School Students
  13. Financial Literacy Games:  Learn by Doing
  14. Financial Literacy in Action (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
  15. Financial Literacy Links (North Summit High School)
  16. Financial Literacy Resources Guide
  17. Financial Soccer
  18. Groove Nation:  Dance and budget on the Road to LA    
  19. Lemonade Stand Simulation
  20. [The] Mint: Financial Security for Tomorrow Starts Today
  21. Money 101
  22. Money Metropolis:  Count the costs as you build your dream city
  23. Money Smarts Podcasts
  24. Peanuts & Crackerjacks:  Economics of Sports
  25. Personal Financial Literacy Resources
  26. Practical Money Skills:  Financial Literacy for Everyone
  27. Refund Rush:  Help clients split tax refunds and save during tax time
  28. Sense & Dollars:  Let's find out what you know about money
  29. Show Business: The Economic$ of Entertainment
  31. US Mint:  Financial Literacy

Personal Finance Videos

  1. ABC's of Financial Literacy
  2. Beliefs and Values
  3. Choice Chance and Control - Part 1/3
  4. Choice Chance and Control - Part 2/3
  5. Choice Chance and Control - Part 3/3
  6. Financial Literacy: How Much Do You Really Know?
  7. Goal setting and visualization
  8. Leadership attitudes
  9. [The] Owner's Manual of Adulthood - Life Skills for College Students
  10. Personal Finance in High School and Beyond
  11. Smart Banking and Managing Accounts
  12. Smart Spending and Budgeting

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