Personal Finance:  Career Planning

  1. Careers & Multiple Intelligence
    1. Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Self-Assessment (.pdf printable)
    2. Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences (video)
    3. Multiple Intelligence & Career Chart (
    4. Online Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment (Edutopia)
    5. Online Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment (
    6. Using Your Learning Preferences to Guide Career Paths (.pdf form)
  2. Career Self-Assessments w/Email Assignment (3-per page .pdf)
    1. Career Cruising
    2. Career Quiz: Personality Test
    3. Career Test for High School & College Students
    4. O*NET Interest Profiler (Interactive web,
    5. Holland Career Self-Assessment (.pdf printable)
    6. Holland Occupational Themed Personality Assessment
    7. Holland Personality Traits & Career Clusters
    8. Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers Personality Types (.pdf)
    9. Best careers for each Jung/Myers-Briggs type
    10. Reality Check:  Select the right career for your spending needs.
  3. Starting Your Career Path
    1. Lifelong Employment (Slideshow)
    2. Lifelong Employment Note Taking Guide  (.pdf form)
    3. Lifelong Employment Information Sheet (.pdf
    4. Lifelong Employment Applying Concepts (.pdf form)
    5. Lifelong Employment Peer Education Rubric (.pdf)
    6. Negotiating Job Offers:  Deal or No Deal? (.pdf form)
    7. Profile of the Perfect Employee (.pdf form)
    8. Your First Job: Tips for Teens (Slideshow)

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