Career Decision Complications

Career decisons can be complex 

Career Choices

Activity Links

  1. Google Collected Data on Schoolchildren Without Permission (Newsletter)
  2. Video:  How to delete Google account search history and stop Google from tracking your searches
  3. How to stop Google from tracking you (.pdf printable handout)
  4. Deleting Google history & what this means
  5. Pre-Career Research (.pdf printable)
  6. O*NET Interest Profiler (Interactive web,
  7. Holland Career Self-Assessment (.pdf printable)
  8. Online Holland Occupational Themed Personality Assessment
  9. Career Clusters with Personality Traits
  10. Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers Personality Types
  11. Best careers for each Jung/Myers-Briggs type
  12. 25 Highest Paying Companies (and Jobs) in America
  13. Texas Reality Check:  This web features three options to help you select the right career for your spending needs.

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