Importance of High School Students Establishing Savings/Checking Accounts

Checking vs. Savings Account

Activity Links

  1. Depository Institutions:  Information Sheet (.pdf)
  2. Depository Institutions:  Note Taking Guide (.pdf form)
  3. Finding the Financial Facts:  Banking (.pdf form)
  4. Depository Insurance Information Poster Rubric (.pdf)
    1. Video:  Deposit Insurance Coverage Overview
    2. Video:  Deposit Insurance Coverage -- Personal Accounts
    3. Video:  The Deposit Insurance Fund -- How it Works
  5. Savings Account Strategies (.pdf)
  6. Video:  Checking Accounts
  7. Checking Accounts (.pdf)
  8. eBanking (.pdf)
  9. Hands-On Banking for Teens
  10. Practice Check Writing 1 and Practice Check Writing 2 (online activity, filling out virtual checks)
  11. Balancing Your Checking Account (Interactive example)
  12. Reconciling Your Checking Account (Interactive Check Register lesson)
  13. Checking Account Reconciliation Calculator
  14. Video:  Money Market Accounts
  15. Video:  Bank Loans

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