Personal Finance:  Auto Insurance

  1. Auto Insurance (video):  Choice, Chance, and Control
    1. Choice Chance and Control (Video, part 1/3)
    2. Choice Chance and Control (Video, part 2/3)
    3. Choice Chance and Control (Video, part 3/3)
    4. Mr. B's Online JavaScript Quiz:  Choice, Chance, and Control
    5. Topic Organizer:  Choice, Chance, and Control (Downloadable, printable .pdf)
  2. Auto Insurance Notes (Downloadable, printable, .pdf) and Note Taking Guide (.pdf form) 
  3. Video:  Personal Auto Coverages 101
  4. Auto Insurance Writing Prompts (.pdf form) 
  5. Test Your Awareness (Videos)
    1. Awareness Test
    2. Cyclist Test
    3. Phone Joke Test
    4. Whodunnit?
  6. How to choose car insurance coverage limits (From Ensurance)
  7. Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance Builletins:  Important information released monthy about what's happening in Wisconsin's insurance markets & industry
  8. Interactive Webs & Quizzes & Email Assignment
    1. Are you an Aggressive Driver?
    2. Can you still pass Driver's Ed today?
    3. Defensive Driver Test Question
    4. Driver Safety Quiz i & II (2 interactives on 1 link)
    5. Driving Personality Test
    6. Driving Safety
    7. Distracted Driving Quiz
    8. How dangerous a driver are you?
    9. Road Safety Quiz: When To Use Your Horn, Headlights And Signals
    10. Think you're a good driver? Are you a 'punisher', an 'escapee' or a know-it-all?
    11. What Kind of Driver Are You?

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