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Typeface and Design Concepts MatterThe printed word is all around us.  Today, many take this for granted, but look around you.  In school, on the job, throughout our community, the printed word is all around us.

Desktop publishing is about how to create signs, posters, leaflets, brochures, business cards, advertisements, print-images of all types, newsletters and newspapers, and even more!  Print has many advantages in our personal lives, school, and business.

I model desktop publishing and we use printed handouts in computer classes periodically because:

  1. They are effective and I want students to see this.
  2. Often, when we use print resources to help us create digital resources, we are more productive organizing our workspace to accomodate print and computer-based research & writing tools.

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  1. Basic Concepts & Considerations
    1. What is Desktop Publishing? (15 pg. pdf)
    2. Types of Printers (.pdf)
    3. Digital Printing versus Offset Printing (video)
    4. High Speed Web Press (video)
    5. Color Workspaces:   RBG & CYMK (.pdf)
    6. RBG colors versus CYMK colors (video)
    7. Ink Jet versus Laser Printers
    8. What is a Portable Document Format/PDF and Why is it Important to desktop publishers? (video)
    9. Mailability Rubric
  2. Typography
    1. Typography: Details Matter (.pdf)
    2. Serif vrs Sans Serif Fonts for Print
    3. Choosing Fonts for Print
    4. Font Families/Type Faces
  3. Spacing
    1. Line Spacing & Space Before/After
    2. Kerning & Leading

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