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Desktop Publishing is FUN!The printed word is all around us.  Today, many take this for granted, but look around you.  In school, on the job, throughout our community, the printed word is all around us.

Desktop publishing is about how to create signs, posters, leaflets, brochures, business cards, advertisements, print-images of all types, newsletters and newspapers, and even more!  Print has many advantages in our personal lives, school, and business.

I model desktop publishing and we use printed handouts in computer classes periodically because:

  1. They are effective and I want students to see this.
  2. Often, when we use print resources to help us create digital resources, we are more productive organizing our workspace to accommodate print and computer-based research & writing tools.

Because the real-word is "outcome-based", daily projects will be evaluated with a mailability rubric.

This page is under construction.

  1. MS Word
    1. Text, Graphics, & Objects
    2. Mini-Posters (8/5" x 11")
    3. Business Letterheads & Block Letters
    4. Hanging Indents, Bulleted & Enumerated Lists
    5. Vertical Alignments with Tabs
    6. Inserting Tables
    7. MS Word Templates
  2. MS Publisher
  3. Adobe Photoshop
    1. Getting Started/Photoshop Interface
    2. Common Photo Adjustments for Desktop Publishing
    3. More Photo Adjustments
    4. More Tutorial Links
    5. Summative Assessments
  4. Adobe In-Design

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