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Course Content | Design Concepts

Getting Started with Adobe InDesign

  1. Create a layout with text and graphics (Video, 4:56)
  2. Adobe Indesign for Absolute Beginners (Video, 31:09)
  3. Quick Start Guide (2 pg .pdf)
  4. Essential Skills (46 pg .pdf)
  5. Intermediate Skills (35 pg .pdf)

InDesign Projects

  1. Design a Print-ready Ad
  2. Business Card (downloadable, printable 3 pg .pdf file) with Pet Catering graphic
  3. Trifold Brochure (downloadable, printable 3 pg .pdf file)
    1. How to Add Lorem Ipsum Text in Adobe InDesign (video tutorial, 1:41)
    2. I Love Latin graphic
    3. Greek & Latin Roots graphic
    4. Generate Lorem Ipsumc graphic
  4. French Fold (Quad Fold) Greeting Card
    1. Front Image (3 Flower Bars)
    2. Video Tutorial Part 1
    3. Video Tutorial Part 2
  5. Make a Greeting Card (Created as 2-page document, printed as a double-sided bifold)
  6. Tabloid Newspaper:  Kickin' in 'Tosa Today
  7. How to Style Tables (downloadable, printable 10 pg .pdf)
  8. Designing an Event Poster (online tutorial)
  9. Creating a Poster Session:  5 foot wide by 4 foot 8 inches high.  (video tutorial) A poster session or poster presentation is the presentation of research information by an individual or representatives of research teams at a congress or conference with an academic or professional focus. The work is usually peer reviewed.
  10. Simple Box Calendar
  11. Use Glyphs to Design a Poster
  12. Create a Music Magazine Cover in InDesign
  13. Interactive Documents & Multimedia
    1. Create an Animated Slide Show (video tutorial)
    2. Creating Rich Interactive Documents with Adobe InDesign CS5 (downloadable, printable 18 pg .pdf file)
    3. Create an Interactive Slideshow with Multi-State Objects (video tutorial)
    4. Animation with InDesign CS5
    5. Interactive Documents for playback in Flash Players (video tutorial)
    6. Interactive PDFs (ZN's channel, video tutorial)
    7. Interactive PDFs (Rob Cubbon's channel, video tutorial) with supporting web tutorial (including downloadable examples)
    8. Build Interactive Documents in InDesign CS5 (video tutorial)
    9. Create an Interactive Magazine (video tutorial)
    10. Using Interactive Media and Creating PDF Documents in Adobe InDesign (adapted from InDesign CS3 Bible)
    11. Creating an iBook (ePUB) for the iPad with InDesign CS5 (video tutorial) with downloadable example
    12. Tackling Rich Media for Tablets with Adobe CS5:  Part 1 and Part 2

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