Desktop Publishing with MS Word 2016

Course Content | Design Concepts

Text, Graphics, & Objects

  1. Getting Started:  Simple Lorim Ipsum Report
  2. Review:  Float Graphics for Easier Layouts (video: "Wrapping" and "behind/in-front of text" are Microsoft's terms.  Other software calls wrapping "in-line" graphics..
  3. Text Boxes & Placement:  Simple Lorim Ipsum Report II
  4. Getting Started with Text-Wrapping/In-Line Graphics:  Combining text formatting, pictures, drawing shapes, and WordArt
  5. Example of "Old" WordArt Gallery:  This file (.doc) can by downloaded,  they WordArt copied , and then pasted into an Office 2013/2016 document to create resizable/stretchable WordArt used in previous versions of MS Office)
  6. MS Word Font &Typeface Scavenger Hunt (.pdf form)

Mini-Posters (8/5" x 11")

  1. The Great Circus Parade
  2. The National Hobo Convention

Business Letterheads & Block Letters

  1. Four Business Letterhead Designs
  2. Block Letter Format (slideshow) and Block Letter Example (.pdf)
  3. Blue Devil Productions (formatted example)
  4. Smithsonian Institute (formatted example)
  5. Milwaukee County Zoo (formatted example)
  6. High School Athletic Event (unformatted block letter)
  7. Business Trainers, Inc.  (unformatted block letter)
  8. Production Test (unformatted block letter on letterhead)

Bulleted & Enumerated Lists with Hanging Indents

  1. Enumerations:  Sample List of Documents
  2. Every Day is Sundae:  Flavor of the Day
  3. Ho-Made Cafe:  Blue Plate Special
  4. Dingbats & Wingdings (Mr. B's Takin' Care of Business newsletter.pdf)
  5. Bulleted List:  Notice to Employees
  6. Bullets & Enumerations:  Executive Summary, Long-Term Business Plan
  7. How to Make Ghirardelli Brownies (Multi-Level List)
  8. My Favorite Blueberry Muffins (2-Column Enumerated & Bulleted List)
  9. Effective Business & Technical Writing With Lists (.pdf newsletter, Mr. B's Takin' Care of Business)
  10.  List Style Guide for Ashford University (6 pg .pdf)
  11. Practice Production Test:  Computer Network Usage (unformatted bulleted list)
  12. Production Test (unformatted bulleted list)

Vertical Alignments with Tabs

  1. Video:  Using Tab Stops and Dot Leaders in Word 2016
  2. Bug Cafe
  3. Coffee Shop (2 tabs w/dot leaders)
  4. Chicago Skyline & Windy City Pizza
  5. Three-Column Table w/Tabs -- Your ChoiceHo-Made Cafe or Roadkill Cafe
  6. Jen's Diner on Calumet
  7. Practice Production Test:  Concession Stand
  8. Production Test (Rib Shack)

Inserting Tables

  1. Everything You'd Want to Know About Tables in MS Word 2016 (slideshow)
  2. Word 2016:  Working with Tables (5 pg .pdf)
  3. Table Layout:  Lesson from GCF and Practice Document (MS Word download)
  4. Formatting Tips (Quick review)
  5. Integrate Tables & Text 1 (.pdf Reviews text styles, tables w/tabs & leaders, and Insert Table feature & formatting)
  6. Integrating Tables & Text 2 (.pdf)
  7. Table & Text Project:  Practice Summative Assessment
  8. Table Summative Assessment Rubric (.pdf)

Desktop Publishing Templates

  1. Tri-Fold Company Brochure.  Microsoft has a huge number of FREE templates to get you started publishing great looking documents.  This template is a landscape-orientation that uses table to lay-out a tri-fold brochure.  You just edit & revise!
  2. Travel Brochure Assignment w/Rubric:  Where do YOU want to go?  Your Choice -- please show your creative style by finding a template in MS Word and editing/modifying it into a travel brochure.
  3. Executive Design Newsletter:  Create story headlines of your choice.  Please illustrate with at least 2 graphics of your choice, Use Lorem Ipsum dummy text from this website, as needed, to fill-out your publication (you are not expected to write stories to accompany your headlines).
  4. Travel Newsletter Assignment Rubric:  Using an MS Word template/layout of your choice, create a multi-column 4-page newsletter about the destination in your travel brochure (Tips N Tricks to add pages).  Please use Internet news searches to find some recent (within 1 year) articles to include.  You may edit/revise your news articles to fit your design/space requirements.  You must use at least 3 graphics to illustrate your story.

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