Computer Applications
Microsoft Office 365/2016

Microsoft Office 365/2016Business people are busy and invest in technologies to be productive and efficient.  For more than 15 years now, the common office productivity suite is Microsoft Office.  It is designed to do desktop publishing, advanced information & data management, multimedia, and more. 

While many school districts use Google Docs as a standard for student work, this is not considered a standard in business and the world-of-work.  The good news is there are many similarities between Google Docs and MS Office. There are also huge difference in what each is designed to do.  Google Docs was never meant to replace Microsoft Office -- it does not (at this time) have the many features and functions that MS Office has supported for almost 2 decades.

This course uses the textbook and companion web resources from Microsoft Office 365:  Office 2016 (Beskeen, Cram, Duffy, Friedrichsen, and Reding).  It is fully-aligned with Chippewa Valley Technical College and uses their Content Management System.  Topics we will cover include:

  1. Computer Concepts
  2. Windows 10
  3. File Management
  4. MS Office 2016
  5. Word 2016
    1. Explore the Word Window
    2. Creating Documents
    3. Editing Documents
    4. Formatting Text and Paragraphs
    5. Formating Document
  6. Excel 2016
    1. Spreadsheet Software
    2. Creating Spreadsheets and Worksheets
    3. Formulas & Function
    4. Formating a Worksheet
    5. Working with Charts
  7. Integration:  MS Word & Excel
  8. Access 2016
    1. Understanding Relational Databases
    2. Getting Started with MS Access
    3. Building & Using Queries
    4. Using Forms
    5. Using Reports
  9. Integration:  MS Word, Excel, and Access
  10. Powerpoint 2016
    1. Creating Presentations
    2. Modifying a Presentation
    3. Inserting Objects
    4. Finishing a Presentation
  11. Integration:  MS Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint
  12. Outlook 2016
    1. Getting Started
    2. Managing Information Using Outlook


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