Accounting Systems

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  1. Examples of Accounting Systems
  2. What is an Accounting System?
  3. Horizontal Analysis
    1. Horizontal Analysis (AccountingTools)
    2. Horizontal Analysis (Investopedia)
    3. Horizontal Analysis (ReadyRatios)
    4. Horizontal Analysis of Financial Statements
    5. Horizontal or Trend Analysis of Financial Statements
  4. Vertical Analysis
    1. How to Interpret the Vertical Analysis of a Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    2. Vertical Analysis (AccountingTools)
    3. Vertical Analysis (Investopedia)
    4. Vertical Analysis (ReadyRatios)
    5. What Does Vertical Analysis of a Balance Sheet Tell About a Company?
  5. Investigating Financial Statements for Fraud (Horizontal and Vertical Analysis, 11 pg .pdf)

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